A Jumbled Rant

Present time is eternal. It is inaccessible to empirical consciousness and knowledge. One knows about time as “yesterday” and “tomorrow” but today seems to be unending.

Time is the double headed monster of damnation and salvation. Today will soon become yesterday. It cannot come back, except in memory. And human memory is fragmented and faltering.
This is the paradox of time. There is no escape from time except through memory. Time is inexorable.

Our relationship to this double headed monster is that of horror: the realization that time flies, that it takes it’s toll on us, that it will destroy us and bring death. Only way to negate this horror is through habit. Habit fixes time. It is a comfort, a way to cope with the struggles, sufferings and voids of human life.

Habit is a dual entity. It stops us from searching and seeking the purpose of life, inhibits us from asking important metaphysical questions.

Habit is invoked so that we stop ourselves from feeling any guilt or horror of the wrongs done by our ancestors. We have to shoulder the responsibility of the acts of horror carried out by our ancestors. Once we acknowledge this, we can overcome the guilt. Salvation is not possible without acknowledgement of guilt. Acknowledgement of the alienation of human life is the next step.

The answer to all barbarism can be found within humanity. Human beings are capable of restoring what has been destroyed.

Meaning of our seemingly purpose-less life can be found within the human community, in relation to other humans. The disease of human life is loneliness.

The ultimate truth of life: humans are born alone and they die alone.


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