To begin with, I love you all a lot! Each and every one of you holds a special place in my life. I have had amazing time with you. The memories we have made together will always be cherished by me. And when I say always, I mean it, you know. We may have had our set of issues. And who doesn’t? Or, we may just have drifted apart due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. But, this mortal being will never cease admiring you.

I know I have been a crappy friend to quite a few of you. I am snobbish at times, always irritated and what not. I must have done something tremendously remarkable to have friends like you! I may have been mean to you at times. I may have said or done things that are damn hurtful. I may have not been there for you when you needed me the most. I may have believed hearsay over you. I may have mistrusted you or broken your trust, for that matter. I am guilty of being a bitch at times and I am apologetic for that. I am sorry! I am sorry for being selfish. I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry for letting you down. I am sorry for being a pain in your ass. Trust me when I say this, I regret letting you go. I will do all that I can to make up to you. Broken relationships are hard to fix, they say. But come on, everybody deserves a second innings!

In the words of a wise woman-“It’s not about people, it’s about circumstances”. We just drifted apart due to “situations”. But again, my affection and attachment for you will never lessen! We could totally pick up where we left off. It is mutual, actually, because neither of us have the time to do so. We all are so freaking busy with our todays and tomorrows that we have not a while to spare for our yesterdays! And that is not wrong at all because of the highly competitive times we live in. Life has actually become a “race”; and “if you don’t run, you will be like a broken anda”.

I have cherished all the moments spent with each one of you. I can’t forget that after spending 5-6 hours together in school, we had so much more to talk that we called each other up and spoke hours at stretch! Our day spends and all-nighters were so much fun! I still have sheets of paper with song lyrics written on them, which we would curate as internet was not the in-thing back then! And when the cool thing in town was texting, not WhatsApp, we used to SMS each other the lyrics of Kolaveri Di! We don’t even have to do anything to spend time. It just passes by sitting in my balcony for hours and reading comments on other people’s pictures on social media and wondering where the world is headed to with such morons in it. Sharing the room in hostels, helping each other with hiding phones during random checks in boarding school, sitting in the sun and studying together during exams, bitching about people, listening to Govinda songs at midnight, playing pranks on people, bunking classes to grab some food(or for no reason at all!), sitting in the library and brooding over what some scholar has written, standing in the balcony and discussing existential crisis, drinking umpteen cups of tea and coffee, cooking for each other, going on aimless Metro rides when bored, going for midnight walks, and what not have we done together! So much has gone between us. We have shared happy times. We stood by each other when no one did.

They say that old friends are the most valuable antiques and I cannot agree more. You can be your true crazy self with them and they will join you in your craziness. You don’t need to have common interests with people you know for the 3 or 4 or 5 years. You have those years in common. You have a whole part of your lives in common. And in the times of utter despair, you go back to the people who were there for you once.

Today, I make a promise to you all. I will always be there for you, in both perilous and good times. I will never push any of you away. You have been not just important, but necessary, parts of my life. I will always care for you and love you. I will stay by your side and never let you go astray. I will endure through all those tantrums and mood swings and heart break stories a zillion times, and still hold on to you.

I am not ready to give up on our friendship, not today, not ever! I hope you aren’t too.


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