Fare Thee Well, Home!

After 20 odd cups of black tea and coffee and an all-nighter, they were ready to leave the place that had been their home. For her, that place was the only home she knew from her birth which made leaving it worse! She realized how difficult it would be for him. The place had been his abode for more than 40 years. More than leaving the place, what worried her was how it affected him. She could not even begin to imagine what was going on his mind. He had spent, practically, his whole life there! He had countless memories- good and bad. It was a brave step, a decision that only a person with fortitude could take.

The place they were going to now, their new home, was a totally different world with a lifestyle so unlike both of them were used to! She was confused and anxious. She had panic attacks while the packers were packing their things. Their home was a house again once the packers left. The emptiness of the house was eating her up. The slightest of sound echoed through the whole house. She needed to vent her feelings, she needed someone to lean back on. She tried to be strong, for him because he needed her. It took her a lot of effort to keep herself calm. She pushed her anxiety somewhere deep down, in some corner of her heart. She managed to put on a smile, she was a good actor.


He was obviously stronger than her, and far more stressed! He was distressed because he knew how hard it was for her to cope with the situation. Not for a second did he show his anxiety to her. He was a better actor. He was leaving behind the place that gave him all that he ever wanted and needed in his life. But, no display of emotions at all. He tried to be strong, for her because she needed him. It took him a lot more efforts than her to keep his cool. He shoved all his worries away. He needed to express, but he chose not to. He managed to appear tranquil.

40 years ago, he came to this place with a trunk full of things and a mind full of uncertainties. 40 years later, he was leaving with a truck full of things (and that trunk too), a heart full of memories that would make him nostalgic for the years to come, and a mind full of the same uncertainties he came with!




4 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well, Home!

  1. You narrated it so beautifully, Shinjini!!! Everything was in front of my eyes—the anxiety, the pain, the stress!! I too share unforgettable memories of this “home” and this was a home to me for many years.

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