Some say

I resemble her,

I am her reflection

Some others say

I am her polar

My habits

Are like her,

I got her intelligence.

They said

He takes the good souls away

To make a better heaven,

And as it is in Heaven

So shall be on Earth

But, what shall be on Earth

When all good souls are gone ?

Apocalypse ?

I find no solace

When you bluntly

Tell me that

Atleast I have my father,

That there are children

Who have no parent,

That there are children

Who are all alone,

That I am lucky because

I have a roof on my head,

I have a father

Who loves, cares and provides for me,

There is someone who can sustain me,

Someone who can fulfill my demands,

Someone to talk to,

Someone to depend on,

A family.

I find no solace

When you tell me about

All that your mother does for you,

How much she loves you,

She means the world to you,

You love her to the moon and back.

I find no solace because

I feel deprived,

I don’t have memories to cherish

Like you do,

My memories are bitter and sad

My memories are painful and terrible.

I am not jealous of you

But I can’t relate to you

Just the way

You can’t relate to

What I have been going through.

It is easy to say

You have your father,

But however good he be,

A father can never be a mother.

I have learnt to live alone

I have learnt to do things on my own

Years have passed

Her absence still haunts me

Her void can never be filled.

I cannot remember

What she looked like

Unless I see her pictures

The recollection is not easy

There are very few memories

She closed her eyes


Long time ago

But I am afraid

To lose her again

To let her slip off my brain.

You want me to suck it all up

Gulp it all done

And move on.

How ?

How do I forget

The pain in her eyes

The coldness of her body

The fire fron her pyre

The garlands on her picture

How do I let it all go ?

How do I bury it all in me ?