The Odyssey of Existence

The sacred souls that meet they say
Will even part one day.
The body is a transient shore
Where the soul thrives to explore
We live this life with the law of karma encircling
Some turn toward seduction and some towards meditating.

The realm of earth lies on the continual law of birth
Existence emerges beyond the phase of fertility
On the land of habitation and invisibility
Dreams flourish through incalculable times
As the continual law of die and be again chimes
The bogeyman of destruction can
Never swallow the changing phases of time.

The unexplored, unsaid versions that envelope our minds
The swift flow of images that sweep at unexpected times
Induce a sense of belonging to a world unknown
We realize that the dogma of resurrection is not absurd
We wake up to know that we are not alone.

Reincarnation binds lives
Into the eternal bond of pleasures and grievances
The journey of existence seems longer than life
Many lives as the strings of pearls
Add essence to dissolution
They adorn the paradigm of
Prediction and resurrection.


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